Comcast Charts the Way Forward for the Software Defined Services

Apr 18, 2019, 00:00 AM by Michele Blankemeyer
Companies are undertaking digital transformations that are unprecedented in size and scope, underpinned by software-defined (SD) services including SD-WAN. Companies should select a software-based platform to deliver the software-defined services they need today and in the future.

Companies of all sizes are going through a profound digital transformation unprecedented in terms of size and scope. Underpinning those transformation efforts are software defined (SD) services, SD-WAN being the first of which to be deployed on a massive scale.

Organizations have a dizzying array of providers to choose from when it comes to selecting an SD-WAN service or SD services in general, so they need to take into account a number of considerations before selecting a vendor.

ACG Research undertook a study of the software-defined services market and uncovered some key findings about SD vendor selection criteria. Here are some of their findings:

  • Companies should select a software-based platform to deliver the software defined services they need today and in the future.
  • Organizations need the safety of a co-managed solution that is complemented by a comprehensive, intuitive digital experience with a single pane of glass. They should select a seasoned service provider to handle the complex installation process and one that has one of the best, fastest last-mile network.
  • ActiveCore is a software-based platform that delivers a differentiated SD-WAN capability today and a host of SD services in the near future, complemented by an extensive digital experience and by the full capabilities of a major service provider.

Read the full whitepaper.

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