IDG Study: Everyone Is Looking to IT to Improve Customer Experience

Nov 22, 2019, 00:00 AM by Chris Banks
IT leaders will play a key role in the digital transformation of CX.

IT decision-makers are hearing it from all sides when it comes to transforming the customer experience (CX), according to a recent IDG research report. The leading source of pressure is from operations (46%), closely followed by the CEO (42%). But the customer experience affects the entire organization, and many other departments are also applying pressure, including marketing (35%), research and development (35%), sales (29%), and even human resources (21%).

The findings come from a report produced by IDG, in partnership with Comcast Business, based on a survey of 50 IT decision-makers about who within their organizations and what factors are driving digital transformation of customer experience. Of the 50 survey participants, 38 said they are feeling pressure to evolve CX from multiple sources. That no doubt reflects the reality that customers have a multitude of touchpoints with an organization throughout the course of the customer journey. It’s also a reality that most departments can benefit from knowing more about what the customer is actually experiencing and improving that experience.

Still, more than a quarter of survey respondents said there is friction or a lack of alignment between IT and executive management teams about digital customer experience technology investment priorities. Not surprisingly, budget is a key contributor to this dissonance: Some IT decision-makers say executives want results without recognizing the true costs. Others, however, indicate a fundamental lack of upper-level understanding of technology and its capabilities.

The inevitable friction involved in ongoing DX and CX efforts further reveals the more strategic role that IT leaders will need to play in order to balance business needs with technology capabilities and investment. As more businesses look to create and expand revenue from digital services, CX will only increase in priority level and alignment of IT and business leaders is critical to making sure those experiences pay off. IT decision makers will need to be savvy at negotiating this balance.

Read the full report to see some of the best practices for aligning business and technology objectives. 

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