Implementing Unified Communications - Readying for Transition

Jan 7, 2019, 00:00 AM by Chris Banks
There are several shifts that take place, not the least of which is cultural.

When putting a cloud-based unified communications solution into play, you know that your business will benefit in a number of ways and that it means a range of changes. One shift that requires attention is the impact on your team.

What do you need to consider in terms of cultural impact?

  • Communicating the change. When you find a provider who checks all the boxes, you may be tempted to sell the choice internally by touting the need it fills or the benefits it delivers. But, advises Shawn Murphy, CEO and senior partner at WorqIQ, taking a step back before you get to those message points. “Show that you care about helping employees succeed in the new environment,” he says. “Listen to their ideas and concerns. Treat employees like the valued partners they are.”
  • Handling resistance. Inevitably, there will be resistors on the team, and some may be quite vocal in expressing their opposition to the change. Murphy encourages you to listen to their concerns but cautions against creating a platform for them to raise the volume on minority complaints. “The belief that getting resistors on board makes it easier for others to buy-in to the change is a myth,” he says. “The more time spent winning over employees who will challenge the project only alienates supporters of the change from getting involved or speaking up.”
  • Give your team the time they need. Understand that everyone will need some time to master the practical implications of the change. It’s not just a matter of culture. Adoption takes time, and your implementation schedule needs to include training sessions and familiarization with the resources available to help everyone get the most out of the upgrades in functionality from your old system.

That’s an area in which your service provider should be able to offer support. You want a company that doesn’t just sell the solution but offers the resources necessary to bring everyone up to speed in its optimal use. Those resources should encompass a variety of learning modules and processes, because people master information and training in different ways.

Read the Unified Communications: Getting Ready for Transition and Change guide to learn more about how to prepare your team for the impact of unified communications.

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