In a Hybrid Era, Modernized Networking Supports Government Productivity

Aug 31, 2022, 16:12 PM by qaisar khalifa
A modernized network can address the diverse challenges of a hybrid FedGov workforce—learn how.

Across the federal government, the recent shift to remote work has brought networking needs to the fore. In the peri-pandemic era, personnel need robust networking capabilities in order to collaborate effectively. Productivity these days depends on the ability to share data and information easily, to work together seamlessly despite geographic separation.

At the same time, remote connectivity has heightened concerns about network security. Despite the hurdles, government workers still need to deliver on the promise of citizen service in an environment that protects vital data and systems from cyber incursion.

“Having the right network is foundational to all of that,” said Christian Nascimento, vice president of product management and strategy at Comcast, and a senior broadband-industry business leader.

A robust, modernized approach to networking helps ensure government workers can continue to collaborate effectively, even in the hybrid work environment.

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