Take Your Business Beyond Fast

Sep 12, 2018, 11:34 AM by qaisar khalifa
Without reliable, fast internet, your business won’t succeed. But to truly stand out among the competition, you need to go beyond that.

Business owners know that the only thing constant in business is change. Things are always evolving, changing – and often – becoming more complex. And your technology must evolve to continue to support your business initiatives. Of course, all businesses start with fast, reliable internet. 

Without it your business won’t succeed. But to truly stand out among the competition, you need to go beyond that. Incorporating advanced technology solutions will enable you to do more to differentiate from your competitors, while also enhancing your operations and creating better experiences for both your customers and your employees.  

There are five critical areas you should consider:

  1. Preventing downtime

    Downtime, caused by a network or power outage, can be costly to any business. Keeping critical business functions up and running during an unforeseen outage can minimize any adverse impact on your customers and employees. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by pairing your internet with an automatic backup connection.

    An automatic backup connection can provide your business with complete reliability, so that in the event that the power goes down, you don’t have to miss any payments or turn any customers away: business can continue as usual!

  2. Implementing smart WiFi that works for your business

    A great benefit to your customers is a reliable WiFi experience while they are at your office, store or waiting area. But you certainly don’t want that WiFi connection interfering with your businesses’ bandwidth or confidential files. It’s important to have a separate network for each.

    And having an advanced WiFi solution can also provide you with important information like analytics on customer demographics, average shopping times, foot traffic and more.

    It can also work as a marketing tool that promotes a daily special or a discount, with a customizable splash page when guests connect to your WiFi network.

  3. Keeping a watchful eye over your business

    A video monitoring system can play a critical role in the peace of mind of business owners, especially when footage is stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. It not only protects the many assets of a business, but also the people who work there. It plays a vital role in deterring threats, protecting property and identifying intruders. 

    Some video monitoring systems even help you make data-driven business decisions, by leveraging motion analysis to provide a deeper understanding of the activities that take place across all parts of your business…helping you with critical business decisions like staffing and ideal product placement.

  4. Using an advanced, professional phone system

    The right phone system helps you stay connected in the office and on the road and has features that support your day-to-day activities. One-touch conference calling and the ability to take your office calls on your mobile device helps to keep up your professional appearance. Paired with an auto attendant that ensures that no call gets missed, and the ability to transfer calls to multiple numbers at once, gives you a big-business presence on your budget.

  5. Creating a better experience with live TV

A great way to create an inviting atmosphere in your business – and minimize the struggle of wait times – is to bring live TV into your business. TV creates a better experience for both customers and employees, and being able to stream onto devices gives everyone an opportunity to watch exactly what they want.

When you are deciding on a provider for your technology needs, ask them how they can help you address these five areas. It’s time to go beyond for your business.

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