A Case for Cloud in Today’s Communications Environment


The rate at which cloud adoption is happening is truly impressive. For example, in 2015 there were some countries where cloud took over 30% of the entire PBX market. Historically cloud has taken the majority of this share from the SMB segment but it is increasingly moving up market.

I did a quick review of BroadSoft’s 12 million cloud UC lines that have been deployed and estimate that something like 2 million of them are from the mid to large enterprise market. We have seen our customers either implicitly or explicitly move up market. I met the VP of marketing of one of our customers last week who indicated that although their average seat sale was at about 50, they are now regularly winning 2,000-3,000 seat deals. Another customer who is yet to launch and still in beta has already closed out a 4,500 seat deal.

Where are these larger seat deals coming from? They are coming from pretty much any segment where there is a need for highly distributed communications to smaller offices or where business flexibility is paramount. Typically that comes from the retail and transport segments but we are increasingly seeing adoption in verticals like manufacturing, professional services, and hospitality.

This article originally appeared on the Broadsoft blog.

Cloud adoption is increasing among companies with a need for highly distributed communications and business flexibility.

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