Amazonian Expectations

June 28, 2017

By IDG Research

Enterprises are struggling to keep up with worker and consumer expectations of an Amazon-like experience. New and migrated applications in the cloud will fail to achieve expectations if underlying network issues are not addressed. Read the white paper.

Spurred on by the success of Amazon and other born-in-the-cloud businesses, many enterprises are struggling to become cloud-first companies. In this environment, network speed, performance, and availability can make the difference between success and failure.

As organizations move to adopt hybrid environments utilizing on-premise and cloud services, the traditional enterprise network is showing its age – and inability – to adapt to modern demands.

“Most organizations connect to their cloud providers over the public internet and still backhaul all internet traffic through their data centers,” John Burke of Nemertes Research writes in a TechTarget article. “This can lead to huge increases in the amount of WAN bandwidth required and to unacceptable impacts on application performance.”

Organizations need to adopt hybrid approaches that utilize legacy networks where they make sense, but also tap into the ubiquity and cost-effectiveness of public broadband by leveraging software defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions.

“Public cloud traffic has driven demand for SD-WAN, but SD-WAN suppliers are expanding their capabilities to ensure high-speed and low-latency connectivity between multiple cloud providers and enterprise networks,” writes analyst Lee Doyle who predicts increased use of SD-WAN as an improved enterprise on-ramp to cloud services.  

While many organizations are highly sensitive to application performance, a recent IDG Research Services survey shows that relatively few are utilizing available tools, such as WAN optimization and application monitoring. It’s likely they’re dissatisfied with Band-Aid solutions and anticipating a leap forward with SD-WAN and high-speed broadband.

To learn more, read this white paper: SD-WAN Satisfying Application Performance Needs.

To become a “cloud-first” company, network speed, performance and availability are critical.

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