Connectivity and Resilience: How Technology is Supporting Business Continuity

April 17, 2020

As organizations grapple with the human, business, and technology repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis, connectivity and network resiliency are playing a central role in business continuity efforts. A major shift to remote working and digital commerce is altering application and network traffic prioritization, putting new demands on enterprise infrastructure, and accelerating the adoption of virtual workplace capabilities. This panel discussion explores some of the business continuity challenges organizations are facing and offers observations on the supporting role connectivity and network resilience is playing.

Watch “Connectivity and Resilience: How technology is supporting business continuity” a webinar from Comcast Business. This brief, informative webinar explores the importance of the infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of a virtual workplace and the challenges faced.

Bob Victor, SVP, Product Management
Noam Raffaelli, SVP, Network & Communications Engineering
Jeff Lewis, VP Data Product Management, Strategic Planning & Development

Learn how infrastructure can accelerate the virtual workplace and walk through the challenges.

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