What Can Gig Speed Internet Do For Your Business?


What could you do if you weren’t constrained by limited bandwidth? If having super-fast speeds gave you instantaneous internet? 

The pace of business is faster than ever, and to keep up you need the fastest internet possible. Conceptually most business owners understand this, but what they don’t necessarily understand is how to determine whether they have the right internet speed. In fact, many are unsure of what internet speed they even have. Is 25 Mbps fast enough for your business? 50 Mbps? 75 Mbps?

Now you have the option to choose a speed that you will never question—the best available—Gig speed. Gig speed internet is equivalent to 1,000 Mbps, and that is 20 times faster than what most people have. This provides your business with internet speeds you never thought possible. The extra bandwidth from Gig speed internet will allow you to download files faster, access all the cloud has to offer and connect more devices.

But Gig speed isn’t only for running current operations faster. It is also for doing things your old internet wouldn’t allow you to, things that once seemed impossible. Gig speed gives you the opportunity to dream of new ideas and expand into new business opportunities you haven’t even thought of yet. It has the power to transform your business.

What Gig Speed Internet Can Do: Transform

With Gig speed internet, for example, yoga studios will be able to break the mold of conventional crowded classes where mats are lined up so closely there is no room for a proper sun salutation. Now, they can live stream classes across the country, allowing yogis in any state to be a part of the class from their home or office…with no hiccups in the streaming.

Instead of an architect flying across the country to deliver a 3D rendering of a building to their client, the client can easily download the hi-res CAD files…with no lag, immediately accessing exactly what the final construction of a building will look like.

And hospitals and health professionals who had to make patients wait hours to get their results back from MRI and X-rays will now be able to get these images instantaneously for real-time diagnoses of patients. Gig speed internet has many healthcare applications, including telemedicine and remote surgery—potentially saving lives.

Think about what your business can do with Gig speed. Your ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Having Gig speed internet could transform your business. Here’s how.

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