FYI: Tools & Services to Help You Stay Connected


Finding ways to connect with each other and your customers is more important than ever. That's why Comcast Business has teamed up with some other industry leaders to help you find new ways to keep your business moving forward and connect with your teams and customers in innovative ways.

Special Offers

Amazon Chime – Conferencing

Amazon Chime is a collaboration platform that lets you meet via video conference, chat, and talk with a single application. Comcast Business has teamed up with Amazon to offer users an extended free trial of Amazon Chime Pro through October 31, 2020. No credit card required.

Orai Pro - Speech Coach App

Orai’s public speaking app has helped over 300,000 people speak more clearly and confidently. Whether for professional or personal improvement, this mobile app for Android and iOS users offers interactive, fun lessons and detailed analysis of recorded speeches to help you learn new public speaking techniques.

A proud Comcast Lift Labs partner >

Quollo - Market Research & Audience Analysis

Quollo Market Research helps all businesses understand their existing or prospecting social media audiences by using Trapica's AI to analyze the audience and provide detailed audience discovery insights

A proud Comcast Lift Labs partner > – Private Podcasting allows businesses to create internal, company-only podcasts. Private podcasting is an innovative way to communicate within teams; this end-to-end solution gives businesses the ability to record, edit, and publish secure audio from one platform.

A proud Comcast Lift Labs partner > – Data Analysis

Diana AI helps anyone in the organization to easily get answers and insights by interacting with data in a way that comes most naturally - by conversation, using text or your voice.

A proud Comcast Lift Labs partner >

QuotaFox – Ramp Sales Reps Faster

QuotaFox is a simple way for sales teams to learn and practice - helping to make onboarding faster and giving you the ability to train, track and measure your teams – helping them stay on message, build their skills, and improve their confidence (all with an AI bot).

A proud Comcast Lift Labs partner >

Bilbi AI – Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Bilbi uses AI to help small businesses make the most out of their digital marketing dollars. This AI-driven recommendation engine will tell you how to update the targeting, bidding, and creatives on your paid social media campaigns.

A proud Comcast Lift Labs partner >

Connecting with your colleagues and customers is more important than ever.

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