IDG Report: Can IT scale to keep pace with expanding business priorities?

IDG Report_ Can IT scale to keep pace with expanding business priorities

Looking back over the past year, it’s easy in hindsight to see that the digital transformation investments made by organizations in recent years played a significant role in sustaining employee productivity and retaining customers. That disruptive period also illuminated areas where more needs to be done and IT is expected to step up and make that happen: a recent IDG and Comcast Business survey of IT leaders reveals that business priorities have increased in 13 key areas of digital enablement. That brings opportunity to IT leaders who can get the job done, but also raises questions of how they can successfully manage an agenda where everything is a priority.

The survey of 103 respondents, ranging from IT manager to C-level executives, shows they view this focus on digital enablement as an opportunity for their own personal and professional advancement. But they realize they can’t go it alone and are looking to strategic technology partners to help them succeed and overcome stiff challenges, including skills gaps in their organizations, integration issues and keeping up with security.

To support business priorities, enterprises have deployed a broad array of digitally enabling technologies, with cloud, communications and network cybersecurity leading the way. Roughly a third had deployed key technologies more than 12 months ago, while a larger percentage say they upgraded them in the past year. Smaller percentages made initial deployments in the past year or plan to do so in coming months.

Here some additional key findings from the study:

  • Businesses want even more from IT
    Despite clear progress in digital enablement, more is expected. Topping the list of priorities that have increased, according to 73%, is enhancing cybersecurity, closely followed by adapting to customer digital engagement, and enabling a remote or hybrid workforce.

  • Many IT leaders ready to seize new-found opportunity
    While the broad list of high-priority business goals may seem overwhelming, IT leaders indicate they see opportunity to benefit personally and professionally from the accelerated pace of digital transformation. About 4-of-5 say digital transformation has positioned them for advancement, accelerated their professional development, and raised their status within their organizations.

  • Going it alone not an option for most
    IT leadership is up to the challenge of meeting the growing list of business priorities, but they recognize they need outside help to overcome the limits of in-house resources. A staggering 91% say that the accelerated pace of digital transformation has increased their need for strategic technology partners.


To learn how IT leaders are keeping up with changing technology and business demands and eyeing new opportunities to grow professionally, download the full IDG report: “Can IT Scale to Keep Pace with Expanding Business Priorities?

2020 revealed new digital business needs and IT is expected to step up.

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