Keeping Cybercriminals at Bay—and Protecting Your Business—During a Crisis

Cybercriminals love a crisis. Amid the COVID-19 outbreaks, companies are even more vulnerable than usual to cyberattacks. As more business owners move operations completely online and larger organizations are directing employees to work from home, remote work means a rise in the number of devices employees are using and an increase in the use of online conferencing tools, letting hackers cast a much wider net in which to snare potential targets.

In fact, on March 13, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber agency, issued an alert specifically addressing cyber vulnerabilities. The alert focuses on the risks associated with virtual private networks (VPNs), which many small businesses and most large organizations use to allow employees remote access to applications and workspaces. CISA has urged organizations to adopt a heightened state of cybersecurity to prevent against these attacks.

Join us for “Keeping Cybercriminals at Bay—and Protecting Your Business—During a Crisis,” a webinar from Comcast Business. Learn ways in which businesses represent targets for hackers, what new challenges the COVID-19 crisis presents, see an analysis of threat types, and hear the steps companies are taking to mitigate cybersecurity risks during workplace and business disruption. 

Shena Seneca Tharnish, Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, Comcast Business
Noopur Davis, EVP, Chief Prod. & Info Security Officer

Hackers love a crisis, and COVID-19 is no different. Protect yourself and your business.

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