Greater Capacity to Match Healthcare Demands: A Gig-speed Case Study

As healthcare systems continue to expand their technical sophistication, they need more robust telecommunications systems with a higher capacity to handle the increased traffic and larger amounts of data being transmitted. At the same time, hospital administrators are always mindful of controlling costs and not spending beyond what is required.

In this webinar, we learn how one Massachusetts-based organization, Shields Health Care Group, achieved greater capacity while keeping costs in check by adding 1 Gbps ENS circuit and several 100 Mbps circuits to improve operations in its 30 locations. Such changes resulted in massive upload and download speeds compared to previous systems; the ability to connect hundreds of devices to a network without any degradation in speed and performance; easy, simplified connectivity; improved application hosting; greater failover and redundancy—all geared to scale as the healthcare system requires.

The discussion covers:

  • Shields Healthcare Group's increased need for bandwidth due to emergent technologies

  • A cutover process that included staggered installation, circuit testing, and completion ahead of schedule

  • A range of benefits, such as reduced latency, increased payload, and greater network flexibility; unexpected network configuration opportunities; long term cost reduction; and a strong strategic partnership.

Our panelists include:

  • Charles Spurr, CIO at Shields Health Care Group

  • Susan Campbell, Senior Director—Product Management, Ethernet and Transport, Comcast Business

Comcast Business customer Shields Health Care Group shares how upgrading their network positively impacted its 30 locations and the difference its made in operational efficiency.

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