SD-WAN Results Check All Desired Boxes

May 23, 2019

SD-WAN decision-makers, for the most part, are achieving improvements over previous network technologies in all the categories they prize.

In a recent survey by IDG Research Services, the respondents ranked the improvements across several key areas, from a high of 80% to a low of 67%. In every area, most of the other respondents reported moderate or modest improvement, with only one or two respondents in each area indicating either “No change,” “It’s too early to tell,” or “Uncertain.”

Overall, 80% indicated that SD-WAN is a clear improvement in both network management and network speed and performance. Data security, one of the top reasons for SD-WAN investments among the respondents, trailed behind, with 69% saying they had achieved improvements, but that category also found the highest percentage (53%) of those realizing significant improvement. Almost all the respondents said they had achieved some overall improvement with SD-WAN across categories, if only moderate or modest to this point. In fact, just one respondent indicated that it is still uncertain if there was any improvement.

Other key areas where respondents indicated clear improvements over previous network technologies are system uptime (78%), improved application performance (76%), availability (71%), and total cost of ownership (67%).

With these results tilting so heavily into positive territory, it should be no surprise to see continuing upticks in realized improvements as early adopters fine-tune their implementations or switch to more-beneficial software and service providers.

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Survey results showed that 80% of IT decision makers indicated that SD-WAN is a clear improvement in both network management and network speed and performance.

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