Video Monitoring: It’s All About the Picture


Small businesses are realizing the importance of video monitoring systems and how having the appropriate equipment is critical. One of the most important features to any video monitoring system is the picture quality of the cameras. Poor video quality can make a security camera nearly useless and can diminish the benefits expected from investing in a video monitoring system in the first place.

Take it from this small business, who thought they had done the right thing by installing security cameras to prevent theft. Their low-quality cameras were not able to capture any significant images to help the police find who was stealing from them.

Even though the crimes were being captured on the businesses’ camera, the picture quality and zoom features of the cameras were too poor to identify any of the criminals, or even the license plate of the truck in the distance. The criminals are still free and the small business has yet to be able to salvage any of the stolen products. 

Businesses need video monitoring systems with great picture quality in order to fully ensure safety and security. The system should be able to provide crystal clear images no matter the circumstance. When looking for an appropriate video monitoring system, make sure that the cameras have commercial grade HD, powerful zoom features, night vision and motion detection. 

These features will make sure that you have a perfect video image—everywhere your small business may need it. The proper video monitoring system will be able to protect you from a variety of security risks, including theft, break-ins or even violence in the workplace. Being able to zoom in will be useful to identify people even if they are a distance away, while night vision can protect your business from theft during the evening hours or in a dark supply closet. 

In addition, the ability to review video after an incident can be essential to supporting an investigation of a security break-in, or any problem, at the office. With a network-connected video monitoring system, images can be stored in the cloud for review “after the fact.” This helps preserve the high-quality images captured for later use in a possible investigation.

So, while having a video monitoring system for a small business is critical, it is even more important to have a system with crystal clear images, so that if something were to go wrong you will be able to find out exactly what happened.

Photo via Visual Hunt

Poor video quality can render a security camera nearly useless.

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