What State-of-the-Art Voice Brings: The Path to Transformation

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Multiple trends are converging to make voice services more important – fewer employees doing more work; more employees working away from traditional worksites. Given these scenarios, what are some of the key payoffs of better voice services? They’re actually quite substantial, according to the employees of companies who’d love to have them.

Let’s back up for a moment. The last few years have witnessed tremendous advancements in digital transformation. Employees now have greater access to more information, and it’s easier than ever before. But they also want to extend those benefits beyond their computer systems to their voice systems.

According to a recent survey conducted by IDG Research Services, IT decision makers have a keen understanding of the benefits they could derive from a state-of-the-art voice system. An impressive 60 percent believe that such a system would increase their productivity; 46 percent believe they could reduce costs. The same percentage, 46 percent, believe that such a system would make customer interaction smoother. Another 32 percent are even more optimistic – they believe an advanced voice environment could “maximize innovations of digital transformation.”

It’s funny that many times, IT departments have a difficult time getting users to accept new technology. But new voice technology is something users are eager to embrace; they already anticipate how it will make them more efficient.

Now it’s up to IT to find the right way to deploy such voice services quickly and efficiently. One solution: use a cloud-based or hosted solution that makes IT efficient too. A cloud-based solution can bring consistency and simplicity – a key capability when it comes to a voice system tying a large company together – without the confusion of having different systems in dispersed offices. That simplifies training and promotes uptake.

What are some of the key payoffs of better voice services?

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