Welcome to the Comcast Business Community: Tips for Commenting

Welcome to the Comcast Business Community! Our goal is to provide you with a wealth of resources to help you build and grow your business. Below are the Rules of Engagement for comment on Community content:

Please Do

  • Be polite – positive, constructive comments and questions that are on topic are welcome
  • Ask questions – we’re here to help
  • Use the “report abuse” button – available on each post to alert an administrator to any trolling or flaming posts
  • Use good “netiquette” – this includes respect for others, refraining from typing in ALL CAPS, avoiding flame wars and keeping posts civil at all time

Please Do Not

  • Post anonymously – anonymous posts will be removed
  • Use profanity, or colorful ways to approximate or disguise profane words
  • Use inappropriate usernames, profiles or signature lines
  • Post threats or malicious content – this includes, but is not limited to, threats of physical violence and threats of malicious activities
  • Post about illegal content and/or activities – illegal content and activities are defined in the Comcast Terms of Service Agreement 
  • Troll or spam
  • Use inappropriate content, including messages containing religious, political, racially, or sexually offensive content, name calling, profanity, insults, or other inappropriate content
  • Post advertisements or solicitations


All violations of the above will be reported and removed. Comcast Business Community "official employees", "moderators" or "administrators" reserve the right to remove any username, post and/or topic that we deem inappropriate or disruptive to the Comcast Business Community. These guidelines can change without notification.

Effective: February 1, 2018



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