Todd Connor

CEO and Founder Bunker Labs

Bunker Labs is national entrepreneurship organization dedicated to helping military veterans start and grow businesses. Announced in Chicago in June 2014 in partnership with 1871, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Governor Pat Quinn, and Sen. Dick Durbin, Bunker Labs has grown to locations in several other cities, with further expansion plans underway.

The Bunker Labs is primarily focused on helping increase the number of military veterans that successfully start businesses. This is done first by creating thriving local networks to help connect early stage companies to the resources and connections they need and second by developing the capacity of the founders through education, assessments, coaching, mentorship and support. In addition, as a "Lab" environment the Bunker is in a position to launch innovations where there is an opportunity to impact the veteran community.

Todd Connor is a former management consultant, U.S. Navy veteran, and has held many leadership roles in the public and private sector. He is a two-time entrepreneur and currently the CEO of Flank 5 Academy. Todd holds a BA from Northwestern University, an MBA from the University of Chicago, previously served as the Chief of Staff for Education at Chicago Public Schools, and is the author of two books on leadership and personal strategy.

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