West Palm Beach Hotel Keeps Guests Coming Back with the Help of Comcast Business Hospitality Suite

Hawthorne Suites

West Palm Beach, FL

  • West Palm Beach hotel with 112 extended stay guest rooms
  • Slow and spotty Internet connection could not support guests needs for 24/7 connectivity
  • Add a dedicated Internet service for faster connectivity
  • Replace legacy phone and TV services for improved guest experience

Comcast Business Hospitality Data Networking

Comcast Business Hospitality TV

Comcast Business Hospitality Unified Communications

  • Improved Internet connectivity for hotel guests and new amenities
  • Increased efficiency for back office operations
  • Expanded TV and voice offerings


Extended stay hotel offers all the comforts of home

Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham West Palm Beach is an extended stay property that is ranked as a top hotel in the West Palm Beach area. It is located a short distance from the Palm Beach International Airport and is conveniently located to many area businesses and attractions.  The 112-room facility offers one and two bedroom suites with a complete kitchen and living room. The hotel caters to a clientele that is relocating to the area and looking for temporary housing or those in town for more than a few days.

With the lines blurring between business and pleasure for travelers, the ability to offer all of the comforts of home and amenities of an office to its guests, including seamless, high-performance Internet, reliable phone service and cable TV, are of the utmost importance. When the Hawthorn Suites West Palm Beach began to suffer due to unreliable Internet connectivity with their existing legacy network provider, it knew it was time to make a change.

According to William Murray, general manager of the Hawthorn Suites, “Our guests are expecting to check into our property and be able to conduct business day or night.”

Hotel reputation dependent on updated technology infrastructure

With more than 30 hotels located in the West Palm Beach area, Hawthorn Suites knew it was time to upgrade its Internet, voice and television service to remain a top ranking property. The hotel offered a 3 Megabits per second (Mbps) service for all of its guests, and a 3 Mbps service for back office operations, and it was becoming a problem.

“We take great pride in the level of service we offer our guests. The only negative reviews we would get were in regard to our Internet service, which was slow. In fact, the Internet connection was so slow that guests would complain because they weren’t able to do their job at our hotel,” Murray added.

Comcast Helps Deliver an Improved Guest Experience with Integrated Hospitality Product Suite

After an extensive review of available service providers, Hawthorn Suites selected Comcast Business to provide Ethernet, TV and voice services, all part of its Comcast Business Hospitality suite that is customized specifically for the needs of hotels and motels.


“The whole staff was very excited about our transition to Comcast and the improvements it would bring. The team watched the Comcast construction taking place day-by-day with anxious anticipation of what was to come.”
– William Murray
General Manager of Hawthorne Suites


With Comcast Business Hospitality Ethernet, Hawthorn Suites West Palm Beach now has a 100 Mbps Internet connection as the backbone for its suite-wide WiFi service, enabling high-performance connectivity for all of its guests. It also has a separate 50 Mbps connection to support the needs of hotel staff.

Plus, not only do hotel guests benefit from a faster Internet connection which enables them to get work done, day or night, they also benefit from speedier check-in and check-out times and improved access to download and print boarding passes at the hotel’s 24-hour business center.

Hawthorn Suites also added Comcast Business Hospitality TV so guests can enjoy up to 60 high definition (HD) television channels in each room—and Hawthorn can manage the service via a single piece of equipment, simplifying upkeep and maintenance and providing for better design aesthetics, as set top equipment is no longer required in guest rooms.

And, with Comcast Business Hospitality Voice, Hawthorn Suites now has advanced call-management capabilities, which has improved its ability to provide excellent customer service.

Overall, this improved guest experience has resulted in an increase in customer loyalty, helping Hawthorn Suites maintain its number one standing in the West Palm Beach area.

Added Murray, “Comcast has a very strong reputation, especially in our area, and when we needed better connectivity for our customers and ourselves we wanted to go with the best we could find. “


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