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In-Room Entertainment

  • Simple, yellow icon depicting a check mark. TV for hotels, motels, inns, and more
  • Simple, yellow icon depicting a check mark. X1 for Hospitality viewing experience
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A king-size lineup in every room

Make guests feel right at home with live TV, sports, streaming apps, and music, together in one place. Plus thousands of hours of On Demand content, at no extra charge. That’s X1 for Hospitality.

A woman using a mobile device in a hotel room.

Nothing standard about your business — or X1 for Hospitality

Whether you’re a small boutique hotel, part of a large chain, or somewhere in between, we help you make the most of your hospitality TV systems. Get plans personalized for your property that include:

  • 100s of channels
  • X1 Voice Remote and interactive guide
  • On Demand available in rooms
  • Flexible equipment options
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Services that work great together

Bundle X1 for Hospitality with Internet and Phone services for business. Or with X1 plans for bars and restaurants, lobbies, and meeting areas. You can save big. Plus, you get the benefits of a single provider:

  • One monthly invoice 
  • One web portal to manage your account and television services
  • One company with solutions and support to keep guests coming back for more
Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. X1 for Business available with Comcast Business Standard TV and above.  Requires Comcast Business Internet service. Not all programming available in all areas.