Integrated Network Security

Help keep your network secure with on-premise or cloud-based advanced security solutions that integrate seamlessly with Comcast Business SD-WAN.


Advanced Security solutions complement Comcast Business’ advanced network and SD-WAN solution.

Choice of Solution

Choose between Unified Security for on-premise needs (Versa) or Unified Secure Access for cloud-based security (Palo Alto Networks). 

Insights and Access

Real-time network security data is available via ActiveCoreâ„  digital experience.

Integrated network security provides multiple defensive functions within a single solution

Both advanced security solutions (Unified Security and Unified Secure Access) help protect against most ransomware, malware, botnets, network intrusion attacks, and more for an enterprise-wide network. Unified Security is a software-deployed, on-premises solution powered by Versa networks. Unified Secure Access is a cloud-based solution for organizations to help protect connections to cloud resources.

Our advanced security services provide a curated experience to each customer’s specific business needs and objectives including reporting and alerts supported by an experienced team.

Advanced security solutions are only available with the SD-WAN service.

Network security is essential to help keep your business running smoothly

Choose the solution that works for your business.


Software-based Unified Security powered by Versa Networks

Designed for businesses with on-premises cybersecurity needs. Provides virtual network functions like:

  • Multi-faceted solutions and expert support
  • Advanced firewall protection 
  • Simple visibility into security logs 
  • Site-to-site traffic inspection 

Cloud-based Unified Secure Access powered by Palo Alto Networks

Designed for business with remote cybersecurity needs. Provides cloud-delivered services like: 

  • Secure Remote Access add-on feature to help protect remote and on-premises workers and systems
  • Easy access to application performance and security logs via Palo Alto Network’s Panorama digital experience 
  • Additional functionality that larger enterprises need such as Data Loss Protection and Sandboxing 

overs-shoulder view of a laptop screen showing a U.S. map, with ActiveCore network information running across the right side and bottom

SD-WAN on ActiveCoreSM

Both advanced security solutions are only available when paired with, or added onto, your Advanced SD-WAN network. SD-WAN brings visibility, agility, and application awareness to your network, allowing policies to be easily deployed to one, some, or all of your locations. It helps enhance performance and flexibility, so you can be responsive to customer demands and employee needs. 

Secure Network Solutions

Our Advanced Security offerings are part of Comcast Business secure network solutions – a scalable and manageable suite of services providing nationwide connectivity, virtualized networking, advanced security, and managed services.