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Comcast Business SecurityEdge™

Help safeguard connected devices against costly cyberthreats with our easy-to-use cloud-based solution. And get ready for the road ahead.

Comprehensive coverage

Helps protect all devices connected to your network when added to Comcast Business Internet.

Simple solution

Free up IT time, avoid set-up and maintenance with our solution.

Anytime visibility

View a personalized dashboard showing threats to the network in real time.

Advanced cybersecurity solution to keep you prepared

Comcast Business SecurityEdge is a simple, yet powerful solution to help protect against malicious threats: malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnet attacks. It helps make sure employee and guest devices are secure when connected to your network. Our cloud-based solution automatically scans and refreshes every 10 minutes to identify new risks.

Advantages for your enterprise

Frequent updates Be prepared with a solution that automatically refreshes every 10 minutes to identify threats.
Endpoint solution Help secure connected devices like smartphones, laptops, wireless printers, and more for employees, guests, and suppliers accessing your Internet.
Managed expenses Avoid additional hardware and software investment. Our solution runs with our Comcast Business Internet and equipment.
Easy setup No extra software, no multiple licenses, and no separate installation needed other than Comcast Business Internet and equipment.
Real-time visibility Customers can sign in to My Account and view a dashboard showing threats in real time.
Safe access Restrict employee and guest access to malicious sites and content your business considers inappropriate with content blocking and filtering.
Responsive support Comcast Business customer service is at the ready 24/7.
Affordable cost Budget for a cost-effective monthly fee to help protect your connected devices.

Explore cybersecurity industry insights

Restrictions apply.  Not available in all areas.  Comcast Business SecurityEdge™ requires Comcast Business Internet and compatible leased router.  SecurityEdge will not work when connected via public WiFi and may not work if connected to virtual private network technology or non-Comcast DNS servers.  [Certain features such as customized web filtering will not be available if connected via Comcast Business Connection Pro.]