Circular lights spread out across an illuminated blue Internet network map, showing how wide of a service area Comcast Business provides.


Ethernet Network Services

A fully-meshed network topology, resulting in the highest-availability for all your locations.

Reliable networks

Make your business more efficient with capacity and scalability it can count on.

Customizable speeds

Rapidly scale your transmission capacity from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Expert assistance

Get 24/7 priority enterprise support from a team of technical specialists.

Product overview

Network services are ideal for connecting your locations with a network that can meet the demands of high data traffic. They also enable your organization to:

  • Have peace of mind knowing that all locations have redundant links to all other locations, ensuring maximum network availability.

  • Easily scale network capacity from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps Ethernet.
  • Implement your own VLANs without coordination with Comcast.

  • Transmit data with low-latency across a Wide Area Network, allowing applications to perform as if users were on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

How it works

Connecting each of your locations’ premise equipment (switch or router) to a Comcast switch and your data, voice, and video will become connected and all your important information can be transferred.

Ethernet Network Services features:

Single ethernet interface Sites can send and receive traffic to and from any other site within the network through a single Ethernet interface.
VLAN transparency VLAN configurations can be changed within the network without Comcast.
Scalable capacity Quickly expand your capacity from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps with just a phone call to the Customer Service Center.
Secure, private connection Transfer data securely over our private network, bypassing the public Internet.
Performance reporting View connectivity statistics via a secure web portal for the previous day, week, or month.
24/7 priority support Take comfort in knowing your business will receive 24/7 priority support and monitoring.
Information security program Keep your business safe from a variety of threats with 24/7 security monitoring.
Disaster recovery priority (eligibility required)

Make sure your business gets priority for technical support in case of a disaster. Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) is a program that authorizes National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NSEP) organizations to receive priority treatment for vital voice and data circuits or other telecommunication services.


Why Comcast Ethernet Network Services?

With low-latency Ethernet Network Service, organizations can optimize application performance across a Wide Area Network (WAN), allowing them to perform as if they are on a Local Area Network (LAN). More importantly, ENS is configured to link all locations to every other one, for maximum redundancy and availability. The service provides Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) transparency and enables customers to implement their own VLANs without coordination with Comcast. It's a modern, cost-effective alternative to traditional TDM-based hub and spoke network topologies.