Multiple ethernet cables connecting to secure private Internet network.


Ethernet Private Line

Securely transmit data between two locations via our private network, all with a unified Ethernet protocol from end to end.


Scale from 1 Mbps up to 100 Gbps, eliminating the need to pay for unused network space.


Enable your traffic to bypass the public Internet.


Get 24/7 proactive monitoring, all the way down to your location.

Product overview

Ethernet Private Line delivers high-performance, secure connections between two sites. It serves as a modern alternative to traditional TDM private lines, and older packet technologies like Frame Relay.

  • Ideal for mission-critical, sensitive data applications, EPL allows users to bypass the public Internet and securely transmit traffic over a private connection, backed by an SLA

  • Perfect for latency-intolerant applications like data center integration

  • Enables customers to maximize application performance by assigning a higher transmission priority to the most important work flows and applications with its Class of Service functionality

network diagram showing customer premises equipment (CPE) at Site 1 with a direction connection via a Comcast switch and the private Comcast network to CPE at Site 2.

Ethernet Private Line features:

Dedicated connectivity Establish one or more virtual connections supporting Service Multiplexed UNI (i.e. multiple EVCs per UNI) with a single physical connection (UNI) to Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).
Scalable capacity Scale service from 1 Mbps up to 100 Gbps
Secure, private connection Transfer data securely over our private network, bypassing the public Internet.
Performance reporting View connectivity statistics via a secure web portal for the previous day, week, or month.
24/7 priority support Take comfort in knowing your business will receive 24/7 priority support and monitoring.
Service Level Agreements

Performance standards are backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 
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Why Comcast Ethernet Private Line?

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service is a reliable, more flexible, higher capacity alternative to traditional TDM Private Lines. It enables customers to connect their Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) using a lower cost Ethernet interface and it also allows them to use any VLANs or Ethernet control protocol across the service without coordination with Comcast.