Wavelength Services

Transport your business’ ever-growing volume of data over a fast and reliable point-to-point optical fiber network. Low-latency, high-bandwidth connections deliver data across your enterprise locations. 

Dependable performance

Optimize network performance with high-speed, low-latency, optical networks available at 10 Gbps or 100 Gbps.

Dynamic flexibility

Get reliable access across single or diversely routed connections.

Proactive management

Network monitoring and 24/7 customer support.

Drive your success with data delivery on a reliable private network

When your business sends, receives, and accesses data on a large scale, you need a network you can trust and speed you can count on.

Wavelength Services utilize Comcast Business’ dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) optical transport network to bring high-bandwidth, low-latency data networking to connect enterprise locations as well as access
cloud applications — providing you with reliable access across single or diversely-routed connections.

Industries and applications

Wavelength Services is suitable for any enterprise business needing its capacity and scalability but is especially suited for these industries.

Financial Services

Share transactional data, big data analytics, and data replication across enterprise locations to data centers.


Deliver high-bandwidth electronic records and imaging files between campuses.


Get the fast and reliable transfer of data-rich media and content to and from all locations.

Public Sector

Easily access cloud services, core infrastructure, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Advantages for your enterprise:

Bandwidth Get high-speed bandwidth options of 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps for commercial and carrier customers.
Digital experience You can access your sites, services, and circuit details via My Account.
Geographic reach Over 1.8 million Ethernet connected buildings.
Versatile interfaces Network provides the ability to transport Ethernet and non-Ethernet protocols.
End-to-end monitoring We deploy network termination equipment at both endpoints for monitoring, alarms, and diagnostics.
Modern optical line system A modern DWDM optical line network allows Comcast Business to actively implement advanced optical technologies.
Fiber diversity Physically diverse network from telcos.