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Managed Router and Firewall

Get started now with a robust solution for router management to help enhance performance across your business network.

Managed costs

Control your operational and capital expenses.

Helps productivity

Frees up internal IT staff to focus on other initiatives.

Experienced support

Let us handle router management and maintenance.

You run the business. We help you run your network.

Optimize network connectivity with a robust solution for router management. A solution that frees up internal IT staff while helping to keep equipment running smoothly across your Comcast Business Ethernet or Comcast Business internet connection.

Managed Router and Firewall can seamlessly scale as your network connections evolve. Our design and implementation approach addresses the critical demands of your enterprise for Quality of Service (QoS) management, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing, and IP address allocation.

diagram showing the network components included in a managed router solution, from CPE through to end-user devices

Comcast Business Managed Router sits at the customer premises between the LAN and the network.

  • Available over Comcast Business fiber or coax connectivity
  • Handles a variety of protocols
  • Includes stateful firewall

Advantages for your enterprise

Experienced network management We monitor your network 24/7, react to alarms and notifications and update firewall and router configurations.
Improved efficiencies Manage capital expenses and get the convenience of one bill, one point of contact, and one provider for your managed routers and network connectivity.
Ready-to-deploy turnkey solution
  • Technical consultation and design
  • Fully managed onboarding
  • Configuration and installation
  • Monitoring and management
  • Equipment maintenance and replacement if needed
  • Ongoing support and change management
  • Toll-free help desk support 24/7
Knowledgeable support team Get dedicated business-grade support from an established provider staffed to handle your needs.
Integrated network protection

Bundled with stateful firewall:

  • Equipped with templates and customization abilities
  • Includes stateful inspection for tracking each connection
  • Option to use your own firewall

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