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    Destination unreachable

    Destination Unreachable

    Automatically re-route incoming calls to an alternate trunk group in case of a natural disaster or power outage.

    Direct inward dial

    Direct Inward Dial - DID

    Give your employees a direct dial number for their convenience.

    Direct outward dial

    Direct Outward Dial - DOD

    Users on the PBX can place calls to outside lines without a switchboard attendant.

    Call detail records

    Call Detail Records - CDR

    Download detailed call records.

    Hunt groups

    Business Voice Continuity

    Phone calls can be routed between networks on a call-by-call basis providing seamless service during network connection issues.

    Security feature


    Voice services are prioritized over all other traffic and all network equipment is secured by 2 layers of authentication.

    Award-Winning Business Products*

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    Comcast Business Promise SVG

    Committed to Enterprise Customers

    Comcast Business is committed to delivering on the promise of providing customers the most reliable technology services.

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