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    Scalable broadband solutions for better communications.

    With advanced security and dedicated national support, Business Internet provides the bandwidth, reliability and scalability your organization needs to help you be more competitive and successful. Perfect for your branch offices, franchise locations, retail stores and remote locations, Business Internet can help streamline your information flow – enabling your organization to better connect with employees, customers and suppliers.

    Business Internet Features

    Fast Speeds

    Enable networked locations to better operate with fast Internet speeds. Get the scalable Internet solution you need, with download speeds up to 50Mbps and upload speeds up to 10Mbps available in most areas.

    Advanced Security

    With Business Internet, you’ll get enhanced security with a NAT-based integrated firewall providing an extra line of defense. Plus Norton™ Internet Security Online to help protect up to 3 PCs per location against viruses and spyware.

    IP Address

    Support your on-site server or remote workforce. We can assign, install and maintain a static IP address for every workstation in your system, making it easy to locate servers and support them.

    Business Support

    You’ll receive priority business-class support from specialized experts trained to handle the needs of businesses having multiple locations. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can call a dedicated Account Manager specifically assigned to your account.
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      Here's What To Expect On Your Call


      We'll confirm whether Comcast Business service is available in your area.  


      We'll get a better idea of your current Internet, Phone and TV usage.


      You'll receive a free service recommendation and price quote based on your business needs.

      Award-Winning Business Products*

      Comcast is trusted by more than 1 million businesses who use our services each and every day.

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      Committed to Enterprise Customers

      Comcast Business is committed to delivering on the promise of providing customers the most reliable technology services.

      Ethernet Excellence Award 1014

      Four-Time MEF Winner in 2014

      Comcast Business was given prestigious awards by the Metro Ethernet Forum in 2014.

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