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  •     Denver, Colorado-based hospitality industry leader
  •     25+ years of managing and developing 400+ hotels
  •     Operates over 60 hotels in 26 states

  •     Make bandwidth a flexibility competitive edge in the hospitality marketplace
  •     Create a cost-effective enhancement to the guest experience

  •     Comcast Business Ethernet Network Service

  •     Broadband flexibility supports marketing promises
  •     An enhanced guest experience with simplified maintenance
  •     Managed costs


The New Guest Experience: Sage Sets a New Standard with Comcast
It's not just about the rooms and the restaurants anymore: many business guests require services and support that some hospitality services still aren't ready to provide. Denver-based Sage Hospitality is ahead of the curve in having high-volume bandwidth ready for demanding business guests, both individually and in corporate groups. Comcast helps Sage deliver an enhanced experience for business guests, cost-effectively, with Comcast Business Services.

Kelly L. McCourt, Vice President of Marketing for Sage Hospitality, explains, “Sage’s business guests sometimes require greater broadband capabilities than a standard hotel offers. We have technology groups that would like to have 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, sometimes more. With Comcast’s services, we can scale up easily without relying on legacy T1 lines.”

The Broadband Amenity is a Selling Plus for Sage
McCourt further states "we have a property in Denver that, on average, uses 10-20 Mbps. However, once a year we have a business group that needs a full 100 Mbps. If we can't provide that, we can't give them the experience they want, and one that meets our standards. Scalability is the difference between our being able to book them or not. Bandwidth is a huge growth trend for our guests. Having it ready lets us be proactive and serve those specialized needs. We're ready with it because it's part of the quality of their stay with us."

Sage Hospitality's IT operation oversees over forty prestigious properties around the United States. Roughly 2,000 of its rooms are served by Comcast broadband, scalable as needed, for video and Ethernet. Both are central to the experience Sage wants all its guests to enjoy.

The streamlined equipment housed in a single-location makes for easier maintenance than distributed equipment in every room. "High-definition TV is an in-room amenity all guests enjoy," McCourt says. "With Comcast it's easy to offer this service."

Comcast Business Services Helps Sage Hospitality Serve Guests and Lead its Industry Broadband flexibility supports marketing promises
The scalability of Comcast Business Services gives Sage Hospitality the flexibility to market to business customers who require high bandwidth.

An enhanced guest experience with simplified maintenance
Comcast-supported HDTV service means better viewing, and more programming offerings for Sage guests. Removing the set-top boxes eliminates maintenance incidents and rids the room of unsightly equipment.

Cost Savings
Comcast Business Services delivers cost effective solutions. "There can be significant cost advantages when you compare broadband with legacy services," McCourt affirms.

"If we have a group of business guests from, say, a technology company, then broadband is a given requirement for them – 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, sometimes much more – and it has to be up and running when they arrive. Scaling up with legacy T1 lines would take weeks at best, if it was even possible, and the cost could be unacceptable. With Comcast Business Services I can do that with a phone call."

Kelly L. McCourt
Vice President of Marketing
Sage Hospitality

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