Accessing Your Video Monitoring System from Anywhere

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A video monitoring system is only good if you are able to access the video when you need it.  And in today’s hectic, fast-paced world, it’s rare that a business owner can just sit down and monitor the cameras to see what is going on – there’s simply more important tasks at hand.  Just like needing to check your email on your phone, business owners now must to be able to access their video monitoring systems on the go as well.

As long as you have internet access, your phone, tablet or computer is able to remotely access your video monitoring cameras to watch live streams or check recorded footage. Having remote access to your cameras while not in the office is crucial to maintain business continuity, and can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Viewing multiple sites at once. If your business has multiple cameras, or even multiple buildings, remote access will allow you to see what is happening at each of those locations without requiring you to physically go to each spot.
  • Being able to check what is going on, even when you’re busy. Using an application on your phone or tablet will allow you to check what is going on within your company without you having to miss anything important. For instance, if you know a delivery is coming during a conference, you can view your cameras to make sure the delivery person drops off the shipment in the right location – all while following along in your meeting.
  • Providing training while you are not there. Most people think that training needs to be on-site, especially in many retail settings. But by remotely viewing your camera’s live feed, you can work remotely with new employees to show how to set up a display or how to most efficiently stock the shelves.
  • Allowing multiple authorized users to access the cameras. If you are on the road, in a place with no internet connection, or simply too busy, you can allow other authorized members of your team access to the cameras and footage on your behalf – giving you peace of mind even when you can’t access the cameras first-hand.

The ability to access your video monitoring system remotely can relieve stress while you are not in the office, or simplify your day by no longer needing to run from location to location for constant checkups. And above all, it is easy to use a mobile application, which just about everyone with a smartphone or tablet already has experience with. When considering buying a video monitoring system for your business, make sure that it comes with remote instant access.

With instant mobile access, you can feel like someone is always looking out for your business.

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