Content Filtering: Your First Step to a Secure WiFi Network


It is critical for any small or home business to realize that outsiders may try to use your WiFi, leaving your mission-critical network at risk. WiFi networks do not stay within the spatial boundaries of an office, which can result in inappropriate use of a company network.

But, people outside of a business aren’t the only concern. Kids present in a home office or guests waiting in a lobby with access to your WiFi can also misuse your network. If a small business does not take its WiFi security seriously, it is leaving itself vulnerable to malware, spyware, viruses or other inappropriate content that anyone on the network may come across.

In fact, in 2015, according to a National Small Business Association (NBSA) survey, 42% of small businesses were victims of a cyber-attack. These attacks cost small businesses on average $7,115.26. For firms whose business banking accounts were hacked, the average losses were $32,020.56.

To prevent unintended or malicious WiFi use, it is important that every small business use some form of WiFi security. One of the best ways to prevent outsiders from going where they shouldn’t, is to use content filtering. Content filtering allows you to regulate the content accessible over your private WiFi and guest WiFi networks, in accordance with the policies of your business.

Take, for instance, an at-home business where children are present and accessing the same WiFi the business is on. The owner of the business can set up a content filter so there aren’t undesirable sites available on the connection. This not only gives the business owner some peace of mind when it comes to what their children are accessing, but also puts a stop to inappropriate sites that often lead to viruses.

Be sure to ask your provider what types of security options they offer and how easy those options are to manage.

42% of small businesses were victims of a cyber-attack in 2015.

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