Faster, Smarter, Better: Hosted Voice Gives Your Business New Communications Tools and a Competitive Edge

There are a lot of ways to describe the growth of cloud-based services: rapid, burgeoning, and even, perhaps, dramatic. But one thing it isn’t is surprising – that growth makes a lot of sense. When applications are hosted on a provider’s infrastructure – operated, maintained and upgraded by that vendor – businesses reap a host of important benefits. They can get cutting-edge technology without making hefty capital investments. They can pay affordable monthly fees. And they can access hosted voice service at any time, from any location where there is network connectivity.

The real beauty of cloud-based services, however, is that these advantages are just a starting point. Hosted applications can change – and dramatically improve – the way businesses work. Nowhere, perhaps, is that more apparent than when it comes to hosted voice.

Today’s businesses need to be mobile and nimble. They need to move fast and often move wide, increasing their footprint without increasing their headaches. They need to be responsive to customers and foster collaboration between employees.

This article kicks off a six-part series that shows how hosted voice is uniquely positioned to support, and boost, all of these traits – traits that aren’t just good for business, but crucial for success.


Leveraging the power of the cloud, hosted voice can improve accessibility, ensure business continuity, and support new trends like telecommuting.

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