Healthcare Relocated: The Network Tech Needed to Support Patient Care from Anywhere

August 02, 2021

The technology needs of modern healthcare organizations are ever-changing. Although the traditional focus has been in support of advancing care, improving outcomes, and creating back-office efficiencies, the pandemic pushed traditionally in-office functions remote and opened up a new world of Telehealth. For healthcare IT teams, those shifts mean they need increased bandwidth, enhanced security, network segmentation, and failover and backup to provide fast, effective care.

Read this report to learn how real-life healthcare organizations have worked with Comcast Business to address the pain points of speed, security, agility, reliability and scalability to help create a seamless patient care experience. With the help of a trusted managed services partner, healthcare IT teams can provide the connectivity to support digital healthcare for advanced patient experiences; drive automation to help improve efficiency; and make real-time data decisions through network enhancements.

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The patient experience is evolving. What are the tech considerations for healthcare organizations?

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