How GenAI Powers Cutting-edge Healthcare Innovation and Experiences

Explore what's coming next in Healthcare with IDC Research Director Jennifer Eaton.

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Elevating Patient Experience Through Comprehensive Connected Care

To elevate the patient experience, care providers must focus on creating healthcare without walls.

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doctor reviewing medical records

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Healthcare Industry 2024 Predictions

Get expert analysis on what's driving the future of healthcare.

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woman looking at body imaging

How SDN is Powering Next-Gen Healthcare Tech Innovation

Adoption of SDN in healthcare is growing, driven in large part by an increase in cloud computing, big data, and mobility technologies.

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The Role of Data in Driving Exceptional Customer Experiences in Healthcare

Data-centric healthcare tech requires the right network to improve patient experience.

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Healthcare Relocated: The Network Tech Needed to Support Patient Care from Anywhere

The patient experience is evolving. What are the tech considerations for healthcare organizations?

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Network Solutions Create Digital Agility for Businesses

How a network upgrade helped a healthcare institution pivot to Covid-19 testing

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Patient Experience Webinar Cover

Technology & Business Strategies Driving the Digital Patient Experience

Our latest webinar dives into innovative approaches for digitizing the patient experience.

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Doctor taking notes on clipboard with patient.

How Clinical & Support Options Acted Fast to Plan for Pandemic Surge

See how this non-profit organization quickly pivoted to meet client needs during the pandemic.

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Healthcare worker taking video call on laptop.

Technology to Make Healthcare More Personal

The recent shift to telehealth has yielded new possibilities for delivering personalized care.

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Advances in Technology Make Virtual Health a Reality

Virtual health is becoming a reality in order to keep pace with changing consumer expectations.

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Technology Enables Healthcare Providers To Deliver More Frequent At-Home Care

In a new environment, the healthcare industry has ramped up tech to meet patient needs.

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The Virtual Doctor – Extending the Reach of Healthcare in the Digital Age

Thirteen years ago, a surgical robot named Zeus made history when a team of physicians in New York performed surgery on a patient in Strasbourg, France.

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Technology is Transforming the Patient Experience in Healthcare

New technologies in health care aim to improve the customer experience, providing more personalized and thorough care.

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Group of doctors referencing medical imaging on screen.

SD-WAN: Easing The 6 Top Pain Points In Healthcare

SD-WAN is helping today’s healthcare organizations overcome challenges brought on by new technologies and evolving customer expectations. Learn more about SD-WAN can help here.

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medical icons on a touchscreen

Technology Foundation for Future Innovation: Healthcare

Like every industry, healthcare is evolving and today’s patients expect more from their providers. How can today’s healthcare organizations set up their technology to stay ahead?

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Healthcare Optimization Hero Image

[Infographic]: Location Optimization - A Prescription for Success in Healthcare

Connecting patient information across a range of healthcare locations is critical to cap costs and improve convenience. From wearables to telemedicine, healthcare is moving closer to the patient.

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Healthcare Optimization Hero Image

[Infographic]: What's Trending in Healthcare Technology

Augmented reality is one of the hot new technologies promising to chance medicine with smart glasses. Read up on AR and four more industry-changing tools.

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Digital Transformation 2.0: The Next Phase for Healthcare

The healthcare sector is adopting a more holistic approach to patient care with a digital transformation embracing Analytics, AI, Mobile Health and more.

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The IT Innovator’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Health Care

The rising cost of healthcare is forcing providers to re-examine how they treat their patients, which has led to a movement focused on healthcare provider value over volume.

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How the fitness industry is racing to stay ahead of tech-based disruption

To meet demand and stay competitive, the fitness industry requires ubiquitous broadband and robust wireless connectivity.

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