How Leading Retailers Are Leveraging Technology & Data Analytics to Grow Revenue and Improve Customer Experience

January 13, 2020

Traditional retailers know that digital technology can help improve the in-store customer experience (CX), grow revenues, and cut costs. But the options and use cases are vast, leaving some retailers overwhelmed and uncertain where to invest their resources—from in-store retail analytics, and the CX and marketing opportunities it can generate, to ecommerce platforms, payment technologies, merchandising, and supply chain and delivery solutions.

Research suggests most retail executives and technology decision-makers are responding by focusing on the foundational technologies that enable revenue growth with proven ROI. Ecommerce platforms, data analytics, and mobile websites and apps round out the top three investment areas.

What’s critical is that retailers make use of data and analytics—from digitizing all touchpoints to stitching together a 360-degree view of customers and their preferences and buying behaviors. This is made possible only with an agile and reliable infrastructure. Specifically, retailers should be aware of the value of robust in-store WiFi for shopper engagement and data capture, as well as Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) to enable the secure, effective, and efficient flow of data for real-time analysis and actions.

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Explores how retailers are leveraging tech and analytics to drive revenue and improve CX.

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