How to Champion New Technology to the C-Suite

June 10, 2015

Enterprise technology is continuously evolving and organizations need to make decisions about whether and when to adopt new approaches and solutions. Because of the significant budget, resource, training, and other investments required, it’s not just a technical decision, but a business one as well – and that means getting the C-suite on board. The first step is to master C-level speak and banish all tech buzzwords. Talk benefits. They want to know what senior executives always want to know:

  1. Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
  2. Will this help build efficiencies?
  3. How can you fix broken processes?
  4. How much money will this save me?

The CEO is the leader; the visionary and they need to elicit public trust as the face of the company. Typically, in companies with less than $100 million in revenue, the CEO has great say in major technology decisions. Peak their interest with proven technologies that are redundant and accessible anywhere providing credibility and helping with socially responsible initiatives.

CFOs don't want to hear about the specs of a new processor, or how BYOD poses immense challenges to the organization's infrastructure and security. They're all about numbers and what those numbers can do to save their company money. Discuss how you can get them on the right side of the Capex vs. Opex divide.

The CMO is looking to grow revenue and leverage digital channels as touch points in order to dominate marketing and sales strategy. Discuss how new platforms can allow them to send content farther through a centralized system off-site and how it can help them manage innovation, product development, marketing and sales – across all platforms, both digital and bricks-and-mortar, for example.

Today's CIO has business smarts, a knowledge of analytics and an understanding of how to align IT with business goals. They have to know how to walk the walk and talk the talk. With the CIO discuss the benefits of the IT department working on the business instead of being caught up working in the business.

The COO helps assure the company's vision and milestone goals are implemented and rolls out transformation agendas. They should see the value their staff provides beyond fixing printers and taking help desk calls. Take the path of least resistance and appeal to their need and desire to fix broken processes.

Technology can help deliver what an enterprise needs to move the business forward. We will all be more successful if we understand our audience when we have that discussion.

Enterprise technology is continuously evolving and organizations need to make decisions about whether and when to adopt new approaches and solutions.

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