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4 Steps to Federal Network Modernization

Explore the 4 key steps federal agencies must take to modernize their networks.

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Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape of Tomorrow

Enterprises balance the need for wide access to information with more rigorous security.

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Screen shot from Q&A: Federal Network Modernization

Video Q&A: Federal Network Modernization

Explore the key drivers behind federal network modernization.

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Decoding the Future: Creativity and Innovation in Smart Cities

Tap into insights from government innovation leaders at major cities across the U.S.

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Federal Technology Executives’ Top Tips for Navigating Network Modernization

Explore the challenges and opportunities for federal agencies pursuing network modernization.

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Modernizing Federal Networks for Edge Computing

Learn how agencies are transitioning networks to the edge as data loads increase.

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Network Modernization: A Stepping-Stone to the Future

Explore how federal agencies are modernizing their networks to prepare for the future.

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How – and Why – to Take a Phased Approach to Network Modernization

For government agencies moving from TDM to modern networks, phased migration is key.

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3 Strategies Local Governments Should Implement to Help Create a Comprehensive Cyberse...

Local government IT leaders discuss how 2022 cybersecurity lessons are shaping 2023 strategies.

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Where Public Agencies Are Investing to Improve Customer Service

A new report highlights how IT infrastructure is crucial to supporting CX and service delivery.

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How EIS Can Help Agencies Innovate at the Pace of Change

Many federal agencies need to upgrade their networking capabilities. EIS may be the answer.

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In a Hybrid Era, Modernized Networking Supports Government Productivity

A modernized network can address the diverse challenges of a hybrid FedGov workforce—learn how.

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How Layer 2 Ethernet Can Future-proof Federal Networking

Learn how government agencies can support growing network demands brought on by cloud migration

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Capitalize on New Federal Funding for Expanding Broadband Services

Critical steps state & local agencies can take, capitalize on Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act

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How Sumner, Washington Kept Employees & Citizens Connected by Pivoting to Remote Acces...

Learn how the City of Sumner, WA stayed connected through the transition to remote work.

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[Infographic]: Trends In Government

Gartner found that 28% of government CIOs planned to spend on digital initiatives

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5 Technology Trends Impacting State and Local Governments

State and local governments stand at the cusp of a technology renaissance, as new offerings and services are available to help agencies serve their constituents faster, more effectively and more efficiently.

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SDN: Powering the Next Generation of Government Networks

Learn the benefits to government agencies of using SDN to build software-defined wide-area networks at lower cost.

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Building a Foundation to Transform the Citizen Experience

Citizens today demand convenient, well-integrated government services. Meeting that need requires a dedicated, high-capacity data network that unites the enterprise.

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Delivering Better Public Service Through the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has many possible applications in the public sector and is already yielding benefits for organizations the world over.

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