Modernizing Federal IT: Unlocking the Power of EIS with Comcast Government Services

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Federal agencies are on a quest for solutions to their telecommunications and IT hurdles. The answer might lie in the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract — designed to offer a modern, flexible and streamlined approach to technology adoption.

Managed by the General Services Administration (GSA), EIS is a comprehensive contract that replaces and updates older vehicles like Networx, Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (WITS), and Regional Local Service Agreements (LSAs). As technology rapidly changes, EIS enables federal agencies to integrate emerging technologies.

EIS also helps boost economic efficiency, simplifies processes and aligns with legislative mandates to keep the government technologically advanced, says Comcast Government Services (CGS) Compliance Director, Denise Rodriguez. Notably, CGS is the most recent prime contractor on EIS.

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Learn how the EIS contract can be the key to modernizing federal IT.

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