Video Q&A: Federal Network Modernization

The need for federal network modernization is necessary in order to address the evolving landscape of technology, security, and efficiency. As technology continues to advance, outdated federal networks become vulnerable to cyberthreats and are ill-equipped to handle the demands of modern information sharing and communication. Modernizing these networks is crucial for enhancing cybersecurity measures, ensuring the protection of sensitive government data, and adapting to the complexities of contemporary IT infrastructure. Additionally, an updated federal network can significantly improve operational efficiency, enabling streamlined communication, data transfer, and collaboration among government agencies.

In this video, George Jackson, Executive Producer of GovExec TV, interviews Colin Gosnell, Director of Federal Government Sales Engineering at Comcast Government Services, on:

  • Key drivers behind federal network modernization
  • Concerns about potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks associated with network modernization
  • Integration of legacy systems with modern network infrastructure
  • Balancing of network modernization with budget constraints and resource limitations
  • Ongoing support and maintenance following network modernization

Learn more about how Comcast Business is powering federal agencies.

Explore the key drivers behind federal network modernization.

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