IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Healthcare Industry 2024 Predictions

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This IDC FutureScape provides executives with actionable insights and analysis for future healthcare industry scenarios. 2024 predictions suggest that healthcare organizations will prioritize mastering AI everywhere in the next five years. With a focus on more capabilities and services transitioning from digital experimentation to digital value realization, these organizations are poised to navigate dramatic increases in IT scale and complexity. Emphasis will be placed on optimizing technology investments, particularly in generative AI (GenAI), to deliver efficient operations and improve patient outcomes.

IDC's worldwide healthcare industry 2024 predictions are:

  • Prediction 1: Driven by perceived value of purpose-built functionality for healthcare, 70% of healthcare organizations will adopt industry clouds by 2025.

  • Prediction 2: Driven by the need for improved diagnostic accuracy, speed, and workflow efficiency, care providers will see a 60% increase in AI solution adoption by 2025.

  • Prediction 3: By 2025, GenAI will free up to 15% of clinicians' time, translating into an estimated $350 billion in annual global healthcare savings to realize more workflow automation and efficiency.

  • Prediction 4: By 2026, driven by the demand to scale hyper-personalized patient experiences, improve collaboration, and foster equity, 60% of global healthcare organizations will double GenAI investments.

  • Prediction 5: By 2026, 55% of worldwide private health insurance companies and 75% of U.S. health systems will be "payviders" to improve risk management and address the rising cost of care.

  • Prediction 6: By 2027, 70% of the healthcare industry will leverage GenAI to address data and workflow fragmentation across care settings to improve diagnosis and patient safety to scale care anywhere.

  • Prediction 7: By 2027, a doubling of hospital-at-home patients will propel a 55% growth in investments in tech-enabled integrated care initiatives to address patient safety, workforce, and care access concerns.

  • Prediction 8: By 2027, 60% of the healthcare industry will prioritize tech partnerships that champion "techquity," reducing the digital divide and recognizing social determinants of health as vital influencers.

  • Prediction 9: Personalized health data platforms will support 75% of covered patients in advanced economies by 2028 while building more accurate patient journey simulations for providers and life science companies.

  • Prediction 10: By 2029, hospital investments in sustainability and modernization will increase by 60%, driven by the need

Download the full report for in-depth analysis on what is driving each of these predictions and how they will impact both IT planning and patient experience.

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