Nemertes Report: The Journey to MDR and Managed SOC

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As cyber threats evolve, enterprise organizations are continually challenged to move beyond legacy monitoring mechanisms. As log management evolved to Security Incident and Event Managers (SIEM), then to endpoint detection and response (EDR) and finally Extended Detection and Response (XDR), security teams were able to bring monitoring, event assessment, and response together in one cohesive solution.

Implementing XDR, however, is not simple—and maintaining it requires investments in time, energy, and resources. In this report, Nemertes explores the enterprise maturity path for detection and response solutions—and why an increasing number of organizations are turning to partner providers for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and managed Security Operations Centers (SOC).

This report explores the benefits and considerations along the journey to MDR and Managed SOC, including:

  • Mitigating staffing challenges: Addressing the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and reducing the need for constant hiring and training.
  • Shifting costs: Providing financial flexibility by transitioning from capital expenditures to operational expenditures and reducing staffing overhead.
  • Leveraging partner expertise: Accessing a broader pool of cybersecurity expertise and advanced technologies.
  • Focusing on strategy and prevention: Allowing in-house teams to concentrate on strategic initiatives and proactive security measures.
  • The key criteria to consider in a managed services provider: Including expertise, processes, technology, speed, scale, and flexibility.

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