Turn Your Business TV into a Full Video Experience

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Turn your Business TV Into a Full Video Experience

If you’ve had TV at your business, you’ve seen the benefits: enhanced customer experiences, employees that stay connected, entertaining wait times, and much more.

But as times change, so do expectations. Offering traditional TV at your business isn’t the same as it once was, because your customers, employees and guests no longer want a one-channel, TV-for-everyone experience.

To get the up-to-the-second news and entertainment that is now necessary, your in-office TV has to go beyond traditional TV. You need a full video experience. A video experience that offers the same features people have become accustomed to at home.

Your in-office TV package should have:

  • Streaming abilities to bring live TV to any device – mobile, tablet, or computer – so that users can choose what programming they’d like to watch without the need for multiple TVs. This gives a business the ability to offer their employees access to breaking news or other content critical for their job, such as a financial advisor trying to stay current on stock prices.
  • Streaming also fits perfectly in lobbies, waiting rooms and break rooms because it allows for each user to watch what is relevant to them. Imagine handing a kid at the dentist a tablet and allowing them to watch their favorite cartoons while they wait.
  • Entertainment apps that offer videos and services outside of the traditional TV networks, allowing guests to binge their favorite content wherever they are – whether working out at the gym, at a dentist appointment, or waiting for their car at the auto shop.
  • Easy-to-use guide and search functionality so employees can focus on serving guests without spending time searching for programming. More and more, this is achieved with a voice functionality.

For bars, restaurants, salons and more, this means simply speaking into your remote to quickly find the programming you need, without taking time away from serving customers.

  • Internet connectivity so that employees can use the TV, often the largest screen on the premises, to search the internet for important information for their business, like real-time market information and weather forecasts.

For the ideal video experience that defies your customers’ expectations with top TV channels, live sports, local news, children’s shows, and so much more – you need Comcast Business X1 and Xfinity Stream for Business. Visit www.ComcastBusiness.com/tv for more information.

Your customers, employees and guests no longer want a one-channel, TV-for-everyone experience, they want a full video experience.

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