Man in woman in hardhats looking at bank of monitors

Manufacturing IT Execs Push Ahead with Industry 4.0 Tech

Technology plays a critical role in helping manufacturers meet their efficiency goals

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Woman in hard hat on ipad

Manufacturers Size Up Obstacles, Solutions for Digital Transformation

Manufacturing IT teams face challenges with bandwidth constraints and overburdened IT systems

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man wearing hardhat in factory holding laptop

Manufacturers Map Out Technology Strategy to Meet Industry 4.0 Priorities

IT manufacturing survey reveals operational efficiencies & optimizing supply chain top priorities

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desktop keyboard; closeup of shift key and green key with leaf

How Tech Innovation Supports Sustainability & Socially Responsible Brands

How technology innovation is enabling smarter factories and more efficient corporate headquarters.

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dt---manufacturing-ebook (1)

The IT Innovator’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, 2018 Edition

Data analytics, AI and IoT drive change and efficiencies in manufacturing as part of the supply chain’s digital transformation 2.0.

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Digital Transformation 2.0: The Next Phase for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is embracing Big Data, IoT and AI to create efficiencies, uncover new opportunities and address evolving business challenges.

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