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We’ve helped thousands of schools improve the quality of education with our services dedicated to supporting administrators, faculty, and students.

Open the minds of generations to come with the right technology plan

In today’s school districts, technology is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. Distance learning, online assessments and Wi-Fi initiatives demand constant connectivity.

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Scale capacity rapidly up to 100 Gbps.

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We offer a highly reliable network with a diverse, redundant architecture.

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Get seamless connectivity for geographically dispersed schools across your district.

Partner with a provider experienced with E-Rate

We have a long history of supporting education and we are proud to bring our solutions and knowledge of E-Rate to your school.

  • We have more than 17 years of expertise with the E-Rate program.

  • We provide a full suite of E-Rate eligible services.

  • Our experienced and well-trained E-Rate specialists can make sure you choose a solution that fits your school’s needs.

Learn how E-Rate can help provide funding for your school

Built for fostering education

Create a better place for learning, with enterprise solutions that enhance the way your school system educates its students. We offer several E-Rate eligible services to support your technology initiatives.

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Application-aware routing, secure VPN, and a stateful firewall that helps you optimize network traffic and increase network performance.


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Managed WiFi

Provides high-speed WiFi to support educational and administrative goals without the need for a dedicated IT team.


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Managed Router and Firewall

Managed Router frees up your IT and administrative staff from complex network operations while boosting overall performance.


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Data Networking

High-performance solutions that scale to 100 Gbps and provide connectivity to multiple branch locations.


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* Applicants that wish to purchase a commercially available Business Internet package that costs less than $300 per month (pre-discount) will be permitted to do so without complying with the Form 470 competitive bidding requirement. The exemption will only apply if the package offers speeds of at least 100Mbps downstream and 10Mbps upstream per building and the charges cannot be averaged across multiple buildings. The annual pre-discount $3,600 maximum includes any one-time installation and equipment charges.

** Starting in FY 2019, all E-Rate Voice services discounts are phased out.

*** Final determination of any eligible services rest with USAC.  Eligible and ineligible components of the service should be cost allocated in accordance to program rules.