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DDoS Mitigation

Detect and block distributed denial of service attack traffic to help maintain network availability.

Block Cyber Attacks

Help safeguard your network.

Support for IT

Helps your IT and security teams to maintain network health.

Great digital experience

Visibility into network activity with digital experience.

Defend against attacks to help keep your data and network secure

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks compromise your connectivity by sending attack traffic to a server, website, or network resource. This unwanted traffic floods your network. Overloads systems. Slows down services. And can make your network vulnerable to a more malicious attack down the road.

Businesses in any industry are vulnerable. Those hosting sensitive info — like customer information, business records, or financial data — are more at risk. But your enterprise can take defensive measures with Comcast Business DDoS Mitigation Service, available with our Ethernet Dedicated Internet Service.


An attacker machine running a client program floods the internet and the targets  servers via unique IP addresses.

Don’t let DDoS attacks take over your business

We route clean traffic to the correct endpoint using an effective process.

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We monitor traffic for a set of IP addresses and can detect suspect and malicious traffic.

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Drop and rate limiting

As a first line of defense, traffic is dropped or rate-limited as Layer 3 or Layer 4 malicious traffic at the edge of the network.

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We also divert BGP Route Layer 7 traffic to scrubbing centers located across the nation.

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Clean, legitimate traffic is delivered to your network via a secure tunnel. And Internet uptime can be preserved.

See how proactive DDoS mitigation helps secure the enterprise

Advantages for your enterprise

Advanced coverage Get detection of volumetric or flood, state/TCP exhaustion, and application-layer attacks, with DDoS mitigation and Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet services.
Responsiveness Comcast Business customer support team is at the ready 24/7.
Anytime visibility Customers can sign in to My Account for detailed information, including the number of and severity of threats, how many have been mitigated, and threat history.
Flexible service

Your subscription includes an unlimited number of mitigation incidents. With our unlimited subscription, there are two choices:

  • Automatic mitigation. SLA: Within 5 minutes 
  • On-demand mitigation. SLA: Within 15 minutes

Complementary enterprise solutions

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Bring visibility and agility to your network, connect remote sites, and centralize management.


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Managed Router and Firewall

Help enhance network performance with our managed router service.


Explore our cybersecurity resources

Restrictions may apply. Not all services are available in all areas. Requires a Comcast Business Ethernet/Internet service. Features and services vary depending on level of service.