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    Basic, Advanced, Premium and Custom Services

    We offer three levels of Managed Wi-Fi, depending on your business needs.

    Managed Wi-Fi Basic

    In addition to Internet connectivity, this level offers many features, including:

    • Password Protection for Private Wi-Fi SSIOs
    • Wi-Fi "open for business" hours
    • Banning Web Site Categories
    • Bandwidth Allocation
    • URL Landing Page
    • Splash Page
    • Security

    Managed Wi-Fi Advanced

    In addition to all the services of our Basic service, Wi-Fi Advanced offers:
    • Unlimited access points (AP) (for additional charges).
    • Option to stipulate the maximum time any single user may use Wi-Fi within a 24-hour span.
    • Customers' choice of limiting the total bandwidth to a single user providing all customer with a consistent experience.
    • Pay-per-service using a credit card (for Public Wi-Fi SSIOs).
    • Marketing analytics, with standard reports of Wi-Fi network users.

    Managed Wi-Fi Premium

    Managed Wi-Fi premium supports today's distributed enterprise private Wi-Fi needs while also enabling an exceptional public Wi-Fi Experience. To enhance our customer’s public Wi-Fi experience, Comcast Business is able to provide access to XFINITY Wi-Fi with over 15 million hotspots nationwide. XFINITY Wi-Fi will create an XFINITY hotspot at your store locations and will provide direct end user support.

    Managed Wi-Fi Custom

    Our Custom service allows customers to choose the equipment vendor they prefer. Specific features of the service depend on the selected equipment.

    Comcast Business provides solutions.

    See how Comcast Business solutions are helping build businesses.

    Solutions for your business

    High-Performance Networks Power The Move To Modern Government

    Public sector organizations are moving to the Cloud. Immersive Web applications are enabling next-generation services, including innovative mobile apps that provide anytime access to valuable resources.

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    Business solutions

    Supercuts Connected In Over 2,000 Locations

    The Supercuts franchise relies on our Internet and Wi-Fi to efficiently run its business, offer valuable customer amenities, and provide site security.

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