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    Security services

    Password Protection for Private WiFi SSIDs

    Allows customers the choice of establishing a log-on password.

    Wifi Hotspots

    WiFi "open for business" hours

    Customers may choose the hours of WiFi availability based on their operations, and the network will automatically shut down and start up accordingly.


    Banning Web Site Categories

    Customers have the option of banning specific site categories to prevent access.

    Data recording

    Bandwidth Allocation

    Customers may allocate bandwidth, for example, limiting public access to 15Mbps and keep 85Mbps for business use only. 

    Website building tools

    URL Landing Page

    Customers may direct any user logging onto their WiFi to a specific URL, such as the company’s own site.

    Splash page

    Splash Page

    Customers may select a splash page that will be seen by the user when logging onto the WiFi network with your company logo and a specific message or logo of choice.

    Security feature


    Our Managed WiFi service comes with security, including rogue device scanning, to help protect the network from threats attempting entry via the Internet service. 

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