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Amazon Web Services

Get a direct connection to the Amazon Web Services with Comcast Business.

Reliability, performance, and much more

Looking for better performance and reliability for your AWS applications, or need to enable large data transfers in support of your business continuity and disaster recovery plans? Comcast Business offers private, layer 2 Ethernet connections to Amazon AWS that deliver a dependable network experience to your cloud computing initiatives. The benefits of connecting privately to the Amazon cloud through Comcast include:

Reliable application performance Business-critical, cloud-based applications can be accessed with extremely high availability.
Lower costs Take full advantage of the cloud’s shared infrastructure for all your business needs and only pay for what you use.
Improved data transfers Transfer large data sets and workloads to and from AWS without clogging your Internet connection.
Low latency Applications with a low latency tolerance like mirroring or replication can perform better when network latency is low and predictable.
Service Level Agreement With a private connection to AWS, you get the peace of mind of a network SLA, something that is unavailable with Internet transmissions.

Build a scalable infrastructure on AWS

Amazon’s Direct Connect service can be used with all AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to link you directly to your cloud. Best of all, as your use of AWS changes, Comcast Business can easily adjust your bandwidth levels up or down to match your AWS usage.

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