Multiple ethernet cables connecting to secure private Internet network.


Cell Backhaul

Give your business higher bandwidth to meet the demands of 4G in the mobile landscape.


Choose from a Single-tier or Two-tier solution.


Increase capacity to accommodate 4G networks.


Decrease costs associated with network bandwidth.

Reach more customers in more places

Smart phones, wireless air cards, and 4G networks are in demand now more than ever. Cell backhaul is the perfect way to increase your network bandwidth while decreasing costs for it. Cell backhaul is available in both a Single-tier and Two-tier solutions to help fit your needs.

Single-Tier Architecture: 

  • Ethernet to each cell site from the MSC (Mobile Switching Center)
  • Transport combines onto one pipe
  • Data packetized for more efficient transport
  • Cost-effective

 Two-Tier Architecture:

  • Microwave Backhaul-Aggregates traffic from multiple Cell Sites
  • Fiber-Based Backhaul-ring protection between the Aggregation/Hub site and the MSC

 Stay ready in case of emergency: