Telecommunications Service Priority

What is Telecommunications Service Priority?

Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) is a program that authorizes National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NSEP) organizations to receive priority treatment for vital voice and data circuits or other telecommunication services.

What Comcast Business services are TSP eligible?

Comcast supports TSP within SMB, enterprise, and wholesale channels for the following services: 

What is required for program participation?  

Customer must obtain a TSP code from the Department of Homeland Security. Eligible service must meet one of the following:

  • Serves our national security leadership
  • Supports our national security posture and US population attack warning systems
  • Supports public health, safety and maintenance of law and order activities
  • Maintains the public welfare and the national economic system or
  • Is critical to the protection of life and property or to NS/EP activities during an emergency

What types of priority does TSP offer?

Provisioning priority allows TSP customers to have new service installed faster than the normal process of service vendors; an organization may request a provisioning priority. This can be an immediate installation following an emergency or an installation by a specific date, also known as essential provisioning. Note that TSP provisioning is not intended to compensate for inadequate planning.

Restoration priority is for new or existing TSP services and requires that service vendors restore them before non-TSP services. Restoration priority helps minimize service interruptions that may have serious, adverse effect on the supported NSEP function. Organizations must request TSP restoration priority before a service outage.

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